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Conversational Facebook Messenger Bots for Restaurants.

Chatbots are recognized as potential gamechanger for the businesses in coming years. I believe so because one of my fellow writer says like…
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Why 2018 will be the year for Chatbots?

With the explosion of App Ecosystem, people began to approach brands through messaging platforms. According to Twilio global study, claimed that 66% of…
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FB Messenger Bot

5 Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for your business

Hi Sam, I am Lisa, Digital Assistant of Spring Flowers. How can I assist you today? When you click a Messenger button on…
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B2B Advertising: LinkedIn Ads & Google AdWords Synergy

Image Credits: Lynda Marketing using LinkedIn and Google Advertising for B2B If you are seeking to create a B2B marketing campaign in the…
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